Latest Services Latest Services Sat, 01 Oct 2022 18:15:56 +0530 en-us ECM Repair Training Course Mon, 02 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Course Duration :- 1 Month, 2 Month, 6 Month & I Year with Govt approved international certificate.   ECM Repair Training :  Sensor Knowledge : Here we give knowledge about sensor. which includes sensor location, timepiece, working etc.  Wiring Check : This include wiring related to ecm, we tell you how to check faults and solutions.  Sensor Testing : In this we tell you how to test a sensor whether its working or not.  Scanner : Here we teach you how to use Bosch, Launch, Exe-tool, Autel, Delphi, Odis, Garuda, Vas, G-scan etc. Here we teach you how scanners work along with injectors the of finding fault. how to read the actual reading as well as DTC and online coding. ECV, ECM Components checking : Here we teach you PCB board and the compound link capacitor, resistance, inductor, PF diode, thermistor and the linke. this includes how to find fault in these components. We teach you how to solve these problem as well. Soldering and Desoldering : In this we teach you how to attach or adjust IC and PF with exact heart and temperature. we teach youhow to root up these componts as well. ECM-ECU Fault diagnosis : Here we teach you how you can teach fault ECM-PCB. We also teach you how you can solve the issues regarding these. ECM-ECU on tables : Here we teach you how you can on on an Ean on table. with your ECM is of a car or a truck. Practical of ECM fault code in ECM : Here we teach you how to solve ECM fault code practically IM Mobilizer Checking : Here we teach you remote checking, sensor and remote matching transponder matching key cutting and imo repair and cand lock repair.  ECU programming includes : IC Programming and how you can change touch files with later software. We also teach the installation of latest software. Air Bag : Here we teach you how does an airbag work a accident. We teach you the programming of an files and how to change that. ODO Meter : Here we teach you how to reverse the reading of the car, truck and the like. We teach you the meter reading as well. we teach you how you can break the speed limit of a vehicle.